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Our Mission

Russia has launched a full scale invasion of Ukraine and the situation is intensifying daily.

Ukraine’s population of over 40 million people and they need everyone’s help. We are asking our Canadian supply chain network to donate goods to help the people in Ukraine.

We have an established supply chain to get these items into Ukraine after consolidating the shipments at our warehouse in Oakville, ON.

Caravan Group of Companies is an asset-based logistics company with 3PL and 4PL branches. It was established in 1997 and has facilities across Canada, and a satellite office in Przemysl, Poland – a city accepting thousands of refugees from Ukraine daily.

A non-exclusive list of items can be found in the form below. Should you have a product that is not found below, please contact us, and we will confirm whether it can be accepted. A minimum volume of 1 skid will be accepted.

Products Accepted For Donations

βœ“ Clothes (women, men or children)

βœ“ Footwear (women, men or children)

βœ“ Warm Jackets

βœ“ Uniform

βœ“ Thermal underwear

βœ“ Socks

βœ“ Hats

βœ“ Warm Gloves

βœ“ toothbrush (standard size)

βœ“ toothpaste

βœ“ shampoo

βœ“ conditioner

βœ“ deodorant (travel/sample or regular size)

βœ“ bar of soap or body wash

βœ“ body lotion

βœ“ Women Hygiene Items (eg. Pads)

βœ“ Diapers or Baby Napkins

βœ“ Wet wipes

βœ“ Dry Tissues

βœ“ Blankets

βœ“ Beddings

βœ“ Tableware

βœ“ Tissues

βœ“ Cooking pots

βœ“ Tents

βœ“ Mattresses

βœ“ Sleeping bags

βœ“ Sleeping Mats

βœ“ Heaters

βœ“ Electric kettles

βœ“ Thermos food containers

βœ“ Thermos drink containers

βœ“ Hospital beds

βœ“ Folding beds

βœ“ Bio toilets

βœ“ Building Materials

βœ“ Furniture

βœ“ Containers (for liquids with a capacity of 10 and 20 liters)

βœ“ Canisters (for water, fuel, lubricants)

βœ“ Canned Food

βœ“ Canned Vegetables

βœ“ Canned Fruit

βœ“ Canned/Dry soup

βœ“ Dry Pasta

βœ“ Dry Beans

βœ“ Rice

βœ“ Nuts

βœ“ Team Bags

βœ“ Ground Coffee

βœ“ Granulated Sugar

βœ“ Powdered Milk

βœ“ Baby Food & Cereal (glass jars accepted)

βœ“ Baby Formula (Enfamil/Similac)

βœ“ Granola Bars

βœ“ Cereal Bars

βœ“ Energy/Protein Bars

βœ“ Drinking-Water

βœ“ Dry rations

βœ“ mobile phones

βœ“ walkie-talkies

βœ“ radio transmitters

βœ“ radios

βœ“ Laptop

βœ“ tablets (with the maximum possible battery life)

βœ“ Xeye E3 max V2 thermal imager

βœ“ Henbaker CY789 night vision device

βœ“ Night vision cap

βœ“ Distance meter

βœ“ Night Vision Goggles

βœ“ Binoculars

βœ“ Pard 008 with a rangefinder

βœ“ Night vision IR illuminators with picantiny rail mounting

βœ“ IR reinforced light

βœ“ Flash Lights

βœ“ Batteries

βœ“ Power banks

βœ“ Generators

βœ“ Off-road vehicles

βœ“ Torches

βœ“ Candles

βœ“ Standalone Lamps

βœ“ Helmets

βœ“ Tactical backpacks

βœ“ bullet proof vests

βœ“ tactical glasses

βœ“ tactical gloves

βœ“ tactical flashlights

βœ“ army binoculars

βœ“ thermal sensors

βœ“ Drones (1.5km range capability)

βœ“ Motorola two way radios

βœ“ Thermoses for food

βœ“ Electric kettles

βœ“ 3M Peltor Tactical Sport Electronic Hearing Protection

βœ“ Iridium Satellite Phones

βœ“ thermal monocle

βœ“ Dry Rations

βœ“ First AidKits

βœ“ Antihistamines (Benadryl, Claritin, Allegra, Zyrtec, Xyzal)

βœ“ Activated Charcoal

βœ“ Tylenol

βœ“ Baby Tylenol

βœ“ Ibuprofen

βœ“ Advil

βœ“ Aleve

βœ“ Aspirin

βœ“ Hydrogen peroxide

βœ“ Rubbing Alcohol

βœ“ Disinfecting pads

βœ“ Hand sanitizers and disinfectants

βœ“ Bandaging material

βœ“ Medical gloves

βœ“ Medical Masks

βœ“ Medical cotton

βœ“ Antibiotic gels & scar care (Polysporin)

βœ“ Burn cream

βœ“ Scissors for cutting off clothes

βœ“ Wheelchairs (children and adults)

βœ“ Walkers

βœ“ Rollers

βœ“ Crutches

* items in need | ** items are essential

βœ“ Splint for limbo (ex: Sam Splint) *

βœ“ Infusions of Sodium Chloride *

βœ“ Ringer’s lactate solution *

βœ“ HES in software pack (glass is not suitable) *

βœ“ Drip systems *

βœ“ Intravenous catheters (G18 or around that size) *

βœ“ Intraosseous catheters (priority – chest. ex:Fast) *

βœ“ IGel size 4, 5, 6 (adult) *

βœ“ Nasopharyngeal pipe (middle and large size) *

βœ“ Cricothyrotomy kit (ex CricKey) *

βœ“ Eye shield *

βœ“ Decompression needle *

βœ“ Patient monitor

βœ“ Anesthesia machine

βœ“ Glucometer

βœ“ Electrocardiograph

βœ“ Otoscope / ophthalmoscope

βœ“ Defibrillator

βœ“ Syringe pump

βœ“ Infusion volumetric pump

βœ“ Portable light source for patient examination

βœ“ Vacuum aspirator

βœ“ The device of artificial ventilation of lungs

βœ“ Ultrasound diagnostic device

βœ“ Laryngoscope with blades of different sizes

βœ“ Portable breathing apparatusΒ  (Bag type “Ambu”) for adults and children

βœ“ Capnograph / CO2 monitor

* items in need | ** items are essential

βœ“ Tourniquet for critical bleeding (ex: CAT or CI4) **

βœ“ Tourniquet for pelvis injury with inflatable cuffs (ex: Sam) **

βœ“ Israeli bandage size 4″, 6″, 12″ **

βœ“ Hemostatic bandage with radiopaque lines (ex:Combat Gauze or Quikclot) **

βœ“ Hemostatic sponge **

βœ“ Chest seal with and without valve **

βœ“ Burn dressing of various size, face and body (ex:burnshell) **

βœ“ Stomach wash kit

βœ“ Set for catheterization of the bladder

βœ“ Traction tire

βœ“ Portable oxygen cylinders

βœ“ Central vein catheterization kits

βœ“ Set for intraosseous access

βœ“ Kits for lumbar puncture

βœ“ Tracheostomy set

βœ“ Tracheal intubation kit

βœ“ Set for drainage of the pleural cavity

βœ“ Immobilization tires of various types and sizes

βœ“ Syringes with needles (different volumes)

βœ“ Catheters for peripheral veins (different sizes)

βœ“ System for transfusion of infusion solutions

βœ“ Non – sterile bandage (different sizes)

βœ“ Elastic fixing bandage (different sizes)

βœ“ Sterile material for anti-burn measures

βœ“ Sterile material for wound surface treatment

Financial Help

Canada-Ukraine foundation

Canadian registered charity that is working with Ukrainian government ministries to ensure donations are meeting the needs of Ukrainian people.

Ukrainian World Congress

Recognized by the UN as a non-governmental organization with special consultative status and has a participatory status as an international non-governmental organization with the Council of EU.

Help Us Help

Help Us Help is a federally registered Canadian charitable organization, focused on humanitarian aid and educational projects in Ukraine and in Canada.

Individual Donation

If you are interested in donating essential items in lower quantities (less than 1 skid), please bring all humanitarian shipments to Meest, an international shipping company. For more information visit their website.

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